4 Simple Mealtime Changes That Can Help You Cope With Parkinson’s Disease

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4 Simple Mealtime Changes That Can Help You Cope With Parkinson’s Disease

4 Simple Mealtime Changes That Can Help You Cope With Parkinson’s Disease 

If you or someone you love lives with Parkinson’s Disease, you’ve seen firsthand how frustrating eating becomes thanks to the condition. The hand tremors you experience mean that even something as simple as preparing your own food or feeding yourself with a spoon is now a struggle. 

Some find it undignified needing help at mealtimes and miss their independence, but there are ways to cope with your hand tremors and start enjoying mealtimes again. Here are four simple changes you can make, including using the amazing Gyenno Spoon, to help you cope with Parkinson’s Disease. 

Change how you prepare your food to make it easier for yourself 

Many supermarkets now sell a range of pre-cut fruits and vegetables, offering a convenient solution. Cutting your own food with sharp knives is dangerous with hand tremors, so minimising or removing the need to use them altogether will save frustration and injury. You can also purchase chopping boards and knives that are adapted for use with hand tremors and reduced mobility if you’d prefer to do your own cutting. 

Make sure that any appliances you regularly use are easy for you to access, and keep foods on the top and middle shelves of your fridge and cupboards to easily grab them when needed. 

Turn eating from a chore into an enjoyable event 

Something as simple as playing music in the background while you eat changes the atmosphere of a meal entirely. Colourful plates, placemats and napkins can also make eating feel like less of a chore. 

Mealtimes are also much more pleasurable when you’re sharing them with a friend or family member, so invite someone over for your next meal and you’ll feel the difference. When you’re feeling more confident, you can also go out to eat with people to change up your routine. 

Use colourful garnishes 

Food that looks plain and boring can seem unappealing and really dampen your mood at mealtimes. Encourage your appetite by making your food look more inviting, using garnishes in a rainbow of colours on top of your meals. 

Herbs like basil and parsley, and vegetables like capsicum in yellow and red, brighten a meal up instantly. 

Use the Gyenno Spoon to make feeding yourself easier 

The Gyenno Spoon uses advanced stabilisation technology to combat hand tremors while eating, allowing the spoon attachment to remain steady while the handle is shaking. The Spoon is intuitive, and, along with the Gyenno Spoon app, learns every time you use it to make eating an enjoyable experience again. 

The battery of the Gyenno Spoon lasts for 180 hours and the Spoon comes with an easy to use charger for quick charging. There is also a replacement fork head available so that you can switch between a spoon and fork whenever you’d like. Purchase your own Gyenno Spoon from www.gyenno.com.au

Coping with Parkinson’s Disease at mealtimes doesn’t have to be so difficult 

By making your meal preparation easier, using colourful garnishes and place settings, sharing meals with friends, and taking advantage of the incredible technology involved in the Gyenno Spoon, you will start to enjoy mealtimes again.


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