Turn on the power by the switch, hold the handle of the GYENNO Spoon and avoid touching the front end of the movable arm. The movable arm must remain unobstructed so as to counteract the effects of tremor, and any interruption of its motion may cause damage to the handle;

When using the GYENNO Spoon, the phenomenon of twisting or the occurrence of a humming sound arising from the handle is normal;

After use, please remove the head for cleaning. Turn the switch off before replacing or removing the head for cleaning so as to avoid power consumption from the disorderly jitter of the connector;

Please place the open GYENNO Spoon on a desktop. It will automatically go into sleep mode, and then automatically wake when next picked up.

Anxiety and nervousness can exacerbate tremor, so please relax; it may take a few days to adapt a new eating method. When using it for the first time, try to use it in private and remain calm;

During the initial period, please actively change the various grip positions and adjust the angle and orientation so as to find the most suitable configuration;

As the user has to learn a new way of eating, novices are encouraged to take at least one week to test the effects and adapt to the new method;

Use a large and shallow bowl so that the GYENNO Spoon has sufficient space and angles;

Do not apply external force to the arm that holds the product; try to relax, let the arm shake naturally and allow the GYENNO Spoon to perform its function.

Indicator light color                                     State
Steady Red                                                     Low Battery
Flashing green                                                Standby
Flashing blue                                                  Anti Shake working