gyenno new version parkinson spoon

Gyenno Bravo Twist

gyenno new version parkinson spoon

The Gyenno Bravo Twist Smart Spoon

The ability to feed yourself without losing dignity can dramatically improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s and boost their confidence.

Now we have the technology to stabilise the patients’ tremors and help with independent eating.

To reduce the effects of tremors, GYENNO Technologies made an intelligent anti-tremor spoon that not only helps people to eat with independency but can monitor tremors with the Gyenno app while using the device.

This battery-operated spoon woks by sensing the person’s tremor and learning the user’s tremor patterns – both vertical and horizontal hand trembling. The device can determine which movements of the hand are unwanted tremors and which are intended, and generates an algorithm of the user’s hand tremor. When the computer in the spoon detects the unwanted tremor, it immediately moves the attachment – spoon or fork – in the opposite direction.  


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