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Gyenno Anti Tremor Spoon

gyenno spoon price

How the Self-Stabilising Gyenno Spoon can Help you Deal with Hand Tremors 

Many of us take simple everyday actions like eating or drinking for granted. We don’t stop to think about how those with hand tremors are affected when they try to do something that we need to do daily. Limited mobility and tremors make eating a tough activity, and that’s why Gyenno Spoon was created. 

Regain independence at mealtimes 

Whether you have Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, have had a stroke or suffered an injury that has reduced your mobility, you know how frustrating trying to enjoy a meal can be. The Gyenno Spoon from Gyenno Science is the perfect solution to bring back your confidence at mealtimes. The high-speed and intelligent servo control system quickly and accurately stabilises the spoon in any position, helping to offset 85% of unintentional tremors. No matter how the spoon handle is held, the mouth-piece adjusts to become stable and level, allowing those with shaking hands to still be able to feed themselves. 

State-of-the-art technology to help cope with hand tremors 

The Gyenno Spoon has already received rave reviews in Australia for its innovative use of 3600 stabilisation technology, which can automatically distinguish between unconscious tremors and purposeful hand movements. Even when the handle is moving uncontrollably, the spoon head itself remains steady enough to eat off of. 

A compact device, the Gyenno Spoon is easy to hold and extremely durable. A replacement fork attachment for those times when a spoon isn’t suitable is also available, for added convenience. 

Intelligent design that saves battery power 

The Spoon is so simple to use, automatically switching on and off and between usage modes. The battery lasts through three meals thanks to this clever power-saving technology. Put the Spoon on charge after dinner, and have it ready to go again for breakfast. Replacement batteries are available so that you never have to be without your Gyenno Spoon. 

The Gyenno Spoon takes the stress out of eating 

The stability that this incredible spoon provides those with hand tremors is confidence-building and stress-relieving. It only steadies the movements that are intentional, stopping the frustration of mealtimes with tremors. 

To buy the Gyenno Spoon for yourself or a loved one, get yours on Amazon or eBay now. Check out our website to learn about the amazing features of our self stabilising Gyenno spoon. 


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